Our Story

Our Story

We believe our thin brick product is an authentic piece of Americana that simply can’t be replicated with products found in today’s market.

A Love For Salvaged Materials

Specializing in the thrill of the hunt! We salvage buildings, schools and factories and rowhouses dating back to the 1800 & 1900’s. By recycling old world brick, in a post-consumer fashion, we are able to provide homeowners and owners of commercial spaces the opportunity to bring back to life, a slice old world Americana. Architecturally on trend, our thin brick veneer is  a hot commodity for designers and architects.

Who We Are

Stone Farm was founded in 2009 by two guys who love reclaimed stone. Steve Singlak and Gavin Johnston--have been sourcing and selling a variety of stone products since 1999. In a short amount of time, Stone Farm has become the resource for dealers, architects and homeowners who are passionate about creating envious outdoor living spaces, utilizing beautiful reclaimed and natural stone. Fast forward to 2013, we ventured into the limitless world of Thin Brick Veneer, at the same time creating a much loved sustainable line. This exciting product has been gaining in popularity ever since we launched our antique brick in Starbucks, New Orleans!

Bringing it Inside

Past project uses that feature our Thin Brick have included coffee shops, commercial office spaces, restaurants, chimney flues, kitchen flooring in various patterns, HGTV projects, and a breathtaking industrial-chic space on the upper west side of Manhattan–just to name a few. Because of the uniqueness and versatility of this material, we launched this unique product as a separate entity so that it would not get lost in our exterior based world.


The old Alice Mill in Woonsocket, RI, which was built in 1889.

Baltimore brick in the process of being palletized post descontruction.

The process of sorting bricks to a consistent blend begins here.