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If you want to replicate the look of an old brick wall in your home or commercial space, the only way to do so is by using our reclaimed thin brick veneer. Unlike other brick veneers that are made to look like weathered bricks, our Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer is produced by slicing the faces of salvaged bricks reclaimed from old factories, mills, and schools from around New England.

Our Thin Brick Options

Original, Weathered, Antique Salvaged Bricks

Stone Farm continuously sorts to a consistent range of colors within each blend as we salvage brick from several projects in New England and beyond. 

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Our Veneers, from Walls to Flooring

The light weight of Stone Farm's thin brick veneer allows you to add this design element  to any project. From an entire wall to a kitchen backsplash, our brick instantly adds character and style to any space. 

Our bricks will arrive sorted to a consistent blend that will contain a mix of varied colors and shades specific to your chosen brick blend. Additionally, some bricks will be perfect and whole, while others will be chipped and dinged on the corners...THIS is what truly gives character to the overall finished look. Once the mortar is added, these irregularities will be somewhat lessened, at the same time allowing for the true, unique characteristics to shine through. 

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